Combat Stubborn Fat with WarmSculpting by SculpSure

It takes a lot for a person to decide that they are going to take their diet and exercise seriously. Losing weight is not easy. It requires discipline, hard work and a strong desire to not only change your body, but also change your mind and your lifestyle. Many people go through yo-yo diets. They will lose weight for a time, only to gain that weight right back.

When a person dedicates themselves to diet and exercise and they still are not able to see the results that they want, it can be disheartening. They may feel like giving up. Thankfully, there are procedures out there that complement diet and exercise and can help a person lose the weight quicker and safer. One of these procedures is called SculpSure™

How the Procedure Works

This procedure works by causing the tissue in a localized area to reach a certain temperature. At this temperature, a person’s fat cells start to be affected, yet the muscle that is beneath them is not. The laser energy is transmitted using diodes that are connected to a belt that sits over the area that needs to be treated.

A Product Approved by the FDA

The product was released in 2015 after receiving strenuous examination by the FDA. It was also put through various trials by surgeons. The result was that the SculpSure™ proved to be as effective as the CoolSculpting® procedures. With CoolSculpting®, a machine uses low temperatures to freeze fat cells, thereby removing them.

The Effects Proved Through Testing

Part of the testing that has been done to determine the effectiveness of SculpSure™ includes having patients have SculpSure™ performed on one side of their midriff and no treatment performed on the opposite side.

Prior to the treatment, the fat in their midriff was determined by using an ultrasound. Twelve weeks after the treatment, the side that was treated with SculpSure™ had 24 percent less fat than the non-treated side.

Patients have been surprised at how effectively the SculpSure™ procedure has worked. Many, including medical professionals, have used the procedure. At first they doubted its effectiveness and were surprised weeks later when they noticed that their pants and other articles of clothing did not fit them the same.

These individuals lost weight without changing their diet and without increasing their exercise regimen. They went from being doubters to becoming fervent believers in the power of SculpSure™.

The ideal treatment time for SculpSure™ is approximately 25 minutes. This is 50 percent less than the recommended cycle for CoolSculpting®. The SculpSure™ procedure is designed to target fat cells, causing them to be removed in the following weeks.

Since the skin is being cooled and at the same time the underlying fat is being heated, the procedure is perfect for anyone regardless of their skin type. Whether a person is light-skinned or dark-skinned, their skin stays unaffected. Another benefit of the SculpSure™ procedure is that it can be used to address multiple areas at the same time.

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Located in Fort Worth, Skin Deep Laser MD proudly offers SculpSure™ treatments as a safe and effective way to non-surgically combat stubborn fat. During your consultation at our office, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this innovative procedure. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.

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