WarmSculpting with SculpSure for Double Chin

If you want to know how to get rid of chin fat, you should try WarmSculpting with Sculpsure. Here’s why it works.

Do you find yourself shying away from selfies because of your double chin? You may have even resorted to wearing turtlenecks or wrapping scarves around your neck to hide this bulge. You’re not alone; millions of other people have the same problem.

After all, it’s a common sign of being overweight. This says a lot, because in the United States more than a third of the population is underweight or even obese.

So… how to get rid of chin fat? That’s the big question that I’m here to answer, and one that you need to know ASAP. Because the longer you sport submental fat (what the medical pros use to refer to fat found under the chin), the more self-confidence you’ll lose.

The Hope for Double Chin Sufferers

Having a double chin is more than just a case of constantly worrying about unflattering photos. How the mirror reflects you can also reflect your emotional and mental health.

There are some exercises you can try to lessen your double chin’s appearance. They may not, however, give you the results you want. Or like with most other exercises for weight loss, they take a long time to show results.

Liposuction can bring amazing results, but you’ve also dismissed the idea because the thought of going under the knife is too much for you.

Is there any other way on how to get rid of chin fat that doesn’t involve surgery or waiting for exercise results that may not even work?

The good news is, there are. Much thanks to medical innovations, fat-reducing treatments now come in the non-surgical form. And one such option you have for your double chin problems is SculpSure.

Non-Surgical Procedures to Your Rescue

As you searched around for ways on how to get rid of chin fat, you’ve most likely encountered the term ‘body-contouring’. Basically, these are surgical and non-surgical procedures with the goal of decreasing body fat. They target certain body areas susceptible to fat build-ups.

SculpSure is one of the latest additions to the world of non-invasive body-contouring treatments. It’s also the first of its kind that the Food and Drug Administration gave a go signal for. Some of the specific body areas it’s most often used for include the abdomen, back, flanks, and thighs.

Its non-invasiveness, combined with its FDA clearance, makes it a more reassuring option for those who want to address the above-mentioned stubborn fat areas.

SculpSure, In a Nutshell

But that’s not all there is to SculpSure – here are some of its other key attractive features:

SculpSure is a good choice for your targeted fat removal needs. But how about its effectiveness as a way on how to get rid of chin fat?

No Surgery, No Worry

One of the things that make SculpSure a more attractive option for fat removal is its non-invasiveness. In other words, you don’t have to go under the knife to finally bid your unwanted fat cells goodbye. Rather than surgical incisions, it uses heat (from a laser) to get rid of fat cells through melting.

Where does the melted fat go then? The body disposes of it through the lymphatic system.

So, to answer your question on how to get rid of chin fat, SculpSure is one way to do that. And it’s one of the very few that lets you enjoy zero downtime.

Sensitive Skin? SculpSure Got You Covered

The fat-melting laser technology behind SculpSure allows for a safe and surgical-free method of reducing unwanted fat cells. And this applies to all skin types. Whether you have light, fair, tanned, or dark skin, you can be a good candidate for this body-contouring procedure.

And while the laser itself is safe, there’s an additional step that further increases its safety. All certified SculpSure specialists make use of a contact cooling system to keep the skin’s surface cool and comfortable throughout the heating process.

The lower risks that come with SculpSure is amongst the reasons patients seeking ways on how to get rid of chin fat now favor it.

Technology Designed to Eliminate and Define

SculpSure’s innovative technology delivers multiple benefits. There’s the fat removal, and then there’s the further sculpting and defining of the target area. This may not have come up during your search for methods on how to get rid of chin fat, so let me answer it for you.

Using the 1060nm wavelength laser, the procedure involves selective targeting of fat tissues (in this case, the area behind or under your chin). It emits a temperature between 107?F and 116?F, or just enough heat to melt the cells.

Again, you don’t have to worry about the heat. The science behind this treatment, called ‘controlled hyperthermic laser’, keeps the surrounding tissue safe from potential damage.

Once melted, the body rids itself of the fat cells through its usual waste removal processes. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t expect results to appear right after the treatment. They do, however, show up in as little as six weeks, and within another six, become even more noticeable.

How Much Chin Fat Can SculpSure Eliminate?

I know that this is an important question, so I’ll address it as well in this post on how to get rid of chin fat.

One session of this body-contouring procedure takes 25 minutes. And within this half-an-hour, the treatment can minimize the unwanted bulge in the chin area by 24%.

The keyword here is ‘can minimize’, for the simple reason that everybody type differs. It means that your body may process the entire 24%, but it may also process an amount a little lower than that.

For the Best Results Possible

Because it’s safe and easy to complete, SculpSure allows for follow-up sessions. You may want to go for a second one, to enjoy the best possible results. Some have even undergone more than two sessions, primarily because they suffer from more fat deposits than the usual patients.

Basically, how many times you go for a treatment depends on how much chin fat you want to eliminate. Your chosen SculpSure practitioner will walk you through this, and let you know how many sessions you need to achieve your goals.

A Look at What Happens Before the Procedure

When you come in for an initial consultation (feel free to ask the medical spa personnel about how to get rid of chin fat and SculpSure in general), they’ll ask you relevant questions about your family and medical history. They’re for your own good and safety, so have clear and specific answers.

You will then have plastic frame templates placed on the target area (your chin). This will help determine how many applicators you need to get the best results. There’s very little preparation to do that you can have the treatment done after your initial consultation.

What about During the Procedure Itself?

During the treatment day itself, the SculpSure team will take photos of your chin area (and any other area you want to get treatment for). These will serve as documentation for tracking your progress. After this, you’ll go into the treatment room, where the specialists will:

And that’s it. You can have lunch or go back to work right after the procedure. You can basically do pretty much whatever you do during your typical day.

Double Chin Reduction in 25 Minutes

SculpSure is a pretty much straightforward process, but it’s always a good idea to learn more about cosmetic treatments before getting them. So to make things even more clear, here are a few other treatment facts:

You can just think of that less-than-half-hour treatment as a great reward for waiting this long to get rid of your double chin. Besides, there’s no downtime at all; no pain or bruising after the surgery.

How to Get Rid of Chin Fat the Non-Invasive Way: Go SculpSure

As you can see, SculpSure brings the answer to your long-since asked question of how to get rid of chin fat. So, don’t let your selfies, and more importantly, your lost self-confidence, wait any longer.

Give us a call now to schedule your initial consultation. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions about this innovative procedure and double chin troubles in general!

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