Co2 Fractional Resurfacing

Have you been noticing that your skin does not have the smooth, even texture and tone it once had? At Skin Deep Laser MD, our Co2 fractional resurfacing laser can help address these cosmetic concerns with safe, comfortable treatment that can be customized to your individual skincare needs.

Proudly serving the Fort Worth, Texas area, Skin Deep Laser MD is led by Dr. Laura Riehm. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how Co2 Fractional resurfacing laser treatment that can turn back the hands of time.

What is the SmartSkin+™ Co2 Fractional Resurfacing Laser System?

It has been shown that after the age of 20, the skin decreases its production of collagen by one percent each year, leading to uneven skin texture and visible signs of aging. Prolonged sun exposure can also have detrimental effects on the skin, creating lines and unattractive brown spots. With the SmartSkin+™ laser resurfacing system, these visible signs of aging can be reversed with safe, comfortable treatments.

The SmartSkin+ Co2 Fractional Resurfacing Laser System is an advanced, customizable laser developed by Cynosure®, a trusted name in aesthetic laser technology. At Skin Deep Laser MD, we understand that skin care is not a “one size fits all” solution, and the SmartSkin+™ resurfacing system can be completely customized to your clinical needs, maximizing results while minimizing downtime.

How Does Co2 Fractional Resurfacing Laser Treatment Work?

The support system of the skin is comprised of collagen and elastin. These key proteins are crucial to the strength, structure, and flexibility of the skin. The Co2 fractional laser treatments are micro-ablative, meaning the controlled laser energy creates microchannels in the skin while keeping surrounding healthy skin intact. These microchannels help the skin by:

  • Stimulating the skin’s natural healing process
  • Creating a gradual resurfacing process that subtly and naturally enhances your facial features
  • Gently heating the skin’s underlying tissues and promoting the production of new collagen and elastin
  • Erasing the years from your face by smoothing visible signs of aging and evening out the texture and tone of treated areas.

When Will I See the Results?

With these 45-90 minute treatments that are easy to fit into any busy schedule, most patients begin to see results in a matter of weeks. The process of skin resurfacing is gradual and full results can take a few months to become visible, but Co2 fractional laser resurfacing treatments create natural results that are easy to maintain with regular treatment and a good skincare regimen.

Results may vary, and during your consultation with Dr. Riehm, your individual skin condition and treatment expectations will be evaluated to determine whether the Co2 fractional laser resurfacing treatment is right for your aesthetic needs.

Contact Skin Deep Laser MD today to schedule a consultation and erase the years from your face with the SmartSkin+™ resurfacing system.

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