Dermal Fillers: An Uplifting Solution for Your Skin

Non-invasive cosmetic treatments can do a lot for your face, and you don’t have to go under the knife to see results. However, there are quite a few to choose from, and it can be hard to know what product will benefit you the most. 

Skin Deep Laser MD in Fort Worth, Texas offers expert care, advice, and treatment for those seeking a confidence boost. This includes consultations for dermal fillers, which can help refresh your skin and reduce deeply-set wrinkles. If you’re unhappy with the more noticeable effects of aging, dermal fillers can help replenish the collagen you’ve lost over the years. 

Dermal fillers basics

Dermal fillers work by replacing the volume your skin has lost. The tightness, elasticity, and volume of your skin are determined by substances such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Your body produces these naturally, but they break down as you get older, and your body cannot keep up with production. This leads to wrinkles and sagging.

Different dermal fillers produce different results, and some might be more suited for certain wrinkles than others. For example, one product might be best for plumping your lips, while another might be more suited for treating wrinkles. It’s also important to differentiate between fillers and purified neurotoxins, which reduce wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles responsible for creasing the skin. 

Types of dermal fillers 

Dr. Riehm offers five dermal fillers, each designed for slightly different use. 

If you’re not sure what exactly you need, she can help you target areas of your face and determine which product will work best. You can also combine products to tackle different wrinkles and problem areas. 

Finding the right balance 

It can be challenging to find the perfect cocktail of dermal fillers and BOTOX® to achieve the results you want. However, having an experienced cosmetic injector on your side can make the process a lot easier. 

When you return to the same clinic over time, it establishes a rapport and treatment history with your doctor. As she gets to know your unique skincare needs, Dr. Riehm can make recommendations based on previous treatments and help you tweak your formula. 

Ready to begin rejuvenating your face? Get in touch with Skin Deep Laser MD by calling 817-263-7546, or book a visit online

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