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Small, dark areas that appear on your face and hands as you age may be harmless, but they can make you feel self-conscious. At Skin Deep Laser MD in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Riehm reduces the appearance of this irregular pigmentation with skin-rejuvenating treatments. Learn how you can achieve a more even skin tone and youthful appearance by erasing these age spots. Call the office or book online today

Age Spots Q & A

What are age spots?

Age spots usually appear on the face, shoulders, arms, and hands – basically any area commonly exposed to the sun. These spots are usually brownish in color and typically develop in people older than 30, but you may get them sooner if you spend a lot of time in the sun or live in sunny Texas!

​​​​​​​Medically, age spots are harmless, but cosmetically, they can make you look older than you actually are. You can avoid getting age spots by diligently using sun protection and staying out of the sun during its most intense hours. However, if it’s too late and you already have age spots, treatment is available.

What treatments address age spots or brown spots?

Dr. Riehm and her team offer several treatments to effectively fade age spots and create a more evenly toned complexion. These include:

PicoFOCUS® is one of the most effective treatments on the market for hyperpigmentation. It’s a gentle, fractionated light-based therapy that’s safe for all skin types. PicoFOCUS can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne scars.

Icon MaxG™ photofacial emits light that penetrates the outer layer of your skin to target hemoglobin and melanin, two pigmented compounds that contribute to discoloration. The coloration absorbs the light energy, then dissolves, and is eliminated by the body.

Chemical peels can help accelerate the rate at which you shed old skin cells, revealing fresh, new, evenly pigmented skin.

Mild discolorations in your skin may also benefit from topical creams that help them fade. The most effective creams will be medical grade, available through a doctor's office such as Skin Deep Laser MD.

What is the best treatment for my age spots?

The best treatment for your age spots depends on your skin’s health, how many you have, and the depth of their color. Dr. Riehm and her team provide a thorough analysis of your skin and will recommend treatments that will offer the best improvement in your skin tone. Every patient is given a customized plan to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

For a thorough analysis of your complexion and recommendations as to the best ways to treat age spots, call Skin Deep Laser MD or book an appointment using the online booking tool.

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