Don’t Like Your Turkey Neck? Tighten Up With Noninvasive Pelleve

Don’t Like Your Turkey Neck? Tighten Up With Noninvasive Pelleve 65f35718b96c3.jpeg

Because it’s November, turkeys are on the mind. But you may not like the gobble, gobble when you’re constantly reminded of the turkey every time you look in the mirror and see sagging skin on your neck.

Laura Riehm, MD, at Skin Deep Laser MD knows exactly how you feel, which is why she wants to share her solution with you: noninvasive Pellevé®. This revolutionary painless treatment can tighten the skin on your neck and make you look years younger.

Why your neck might resemble a turkey’s

Time and gravity aren’t your friends when it comes to aging gracefully. Like your face, the skin on your neck loses its strength and tone as you get older, leading to the loose, saggy look you may refer to as your turkey neck.

Loss of collagen may be a factor in the drooping skin on your neck. Collagen is a protein that gives your skin its strength and firmness. After you reach age 20, your collagen production starts to decrease, causing your skin to become thinner and weaker.

At Skin Deep Laser MD, we know the power of collagen and use a number of tools to help boost your body’s production of this beauty-enhancing protein, including Pellevé.

Pellevé to the rescue

If you’re ready to say bye-bye to your turkey neck, radiofrequency energy with Pellevé is the way to go. This advanced device uses radiofrequency energy to target the deep layers of your skin, causing the cells and existing collagen to tighten, and creating an almost instant lift for your neck.

The energy also stimulates your body to produce more collagen to help rejuvenate the tissue and add more strength to keep the skin tight, reducing the saggy, crepey look of your turkey neck.

What to expect

Pellevé is a noninvasive gentle treatment that feels like a hot stone massage. During treatment, Dr. Riehm uses a special GlideSafe® handpiece to apply the energy to your skin. This special handpiece is why Pellevé is safe to use on such delicate areas as the neck and eyes.

You may notice an improvement in your look after just one 30-minute session. But to get the best results, you will probably want to do 4-6 treatments set at four-week intervals to tighten your skin and firm your wrinkly neck.

There’s no downtime following treatment with Pellevé, so you can go right back to your usual activities. In fact, our patients love the way they look immediately the following treatment so many will purposefully schedule a treatment the day of a big event or night out!

To help maintain your new, younger look, you should take care of your skin and apply sunblock daily to both your face and neck. Covering up with a wide-brimmed, hat, sunglasses, and a decorative scarf when you plan to be out in the sun for an extended period of time may also add an extra layer of protection.

Other uses of Pellevé

Skin Deep Laser MD also uses Pellevé for various facial and body treatments, including:

  • Crepey skin under the eyes

  • Drooping eyelids

  • Forehead lines

  • Frown lines

  • Crow’s feet

  • Wrinkles around the mouth (“smoker’s lines”)

  • Smile lines

  • Crepey skin above knees

  • Loose skin on the abdomen

Pellevé is even gentle enough to tighten the bags under your eyes. Don’t like your turkey neck? Call Skin Deep Laser MD or use the online booking button to start your Pellevé treatment.

If you feel that your sagging neck is due more to excess fat than loose skin, a body contouring treatment to remove fat may be more what you’re looking for. If you aren’t sure, we’re here to help.

Let us help you feel more confident with a firmer neck and profile!  Dr. Riehm and her team will customize a treatment plan for you.  Skin Deep Laser MD is currently serving the greater Fort Worth and Dallas areas, including Weatherford, Granbury, Burleson, Mansfield, Arlington, Colleyville, Stephenville, Crowley, Keller and more.

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