How Can My Eyes Look Less Tired Without Surgery?

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Upneeq®, the eyedrop for Wider and Whiter Eyes

What if you could get the results of a Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift with just a daily eye drop?

You can! There’s a great new product called Upneeq®; it’s a once-daily eye drop that widens eyes and, as a bonus, whitens them as well!  The result is a fresher, younger, more awake and alert look.

How does Upneeq® work?

The eyedrop is in a class of drugs called an alpha-agonist.  It works on the tiny muscle controlling the eyelid, called Mueller’s muscle. It strengthens the muscle, causing it to contract stronger, lifting the eyelid from 1-3 mm in most patients.

How long does Upneeq® last?

The effects of UpNeeq® (oxymetazolinehydrochlorideopthalmic solution o.1%) will last 8-12 hours in most people. It has FDA approval for use once daily, but many have used it more that once a day without any ill effects.

Do I need to use Upneeq® every day?

You don’t NEED to use Upneeq® daily for it to work. The effects are quick (5-15 minutes) and wear off for most people by 12 hours. The drug doesn’t need to build up in your system for it to work.  If you don’t want to use it everyday, you simply won’t see the effects on the days you don’t use it.

Winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award and 2024 Shape Skin Award

RVL Pharmaceuticals’ eye drop Upneeq® has been selected for 3 Shape Skin Awards:  “Best for Lift” in the professional category for 2024, “Best In-Office” treatment in 2023 and “Best Professional Grade” treatment by the editors in 2022. Products were evaluated for their effectiveness, innovation and performance. Judges awarded Upneeq® for its noticeable lift for droopy eyelids.

Do you need a prescription for Upneeq®?

Upneeq® is a prescription medication, meaning that you can only get it with a doctor’s prescription. It is not available as an over-the-counter product at this time.

How much does Upneeq® cost?

Cost will vary slightly depending on what part of the country you are in. Through our office in Texas, 30 vials are $169.

How do I use Upneeq®?

It comes in a box containing 30 packets.   Each packet has a vial in it.

Simply twist the vial cap off and apply one drop in each eye. That’s it, in 15 minutes you can apply contacts or other medications.

It may take two hours to get the maximum effect although most people will

Start to see results within 5-15 minutes.

Upneeq® is a prescription only medication so you do have to have a prescription to get it.

Can I use Upneeq® for BOTOX-induced ptosis?

Yes!  Upneeq® is a great option to treat a droopy eyelid caused by Botox or other neuromodulators (including Xeomin, Dysport, Jeuveau, Daxxify). Previously this temporary and rare but very frustrating issue was treated with another eyedrop from the same alpha adrenergic drug class called iopidine 0.5%, or from the beta adrenergic class of drugs called brimonidine. Fortunately, Upneeq® appears to give even better results.

Can I use Upneeq in just one eye?

Upneeq® can also be used to correct ptosis (drooping of the eyelid) even if one eyelid happens to droop more than the other. In that case, just use 1 drop in the eye with the heavier lid.

Who should not use Upneeq®?

Because Upneeq® is in a class of drugs that can increase blood pressure and blood flow, some patients taking certain types of blood pressure medication need to check with their doctors before using. Patients on anti-depressants and Sjogren’s disease (an eye condition) also need to alert their doctors before getting a prescription due to possible interactions.

If you want to get your Upneeq® through our office, just give us a call at 817-263-7546 or 817 263 (SKIN) and make an appointment.

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