I’m Embarrassed About Visible Facial Veins

Do you avoid looking in the mirror when you don’t have makeup on because you see broken blood vessels and dislike your appearance? These red, spidery lines have often been negatively associated with alcohol use, but there are many reasons you can develop visible facial veins.  

At Skin Deep Laser MD in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Laura Riehm and her team can help you with facial veins and their causes, such as rosacea. An IPL photofacial could help give you back a smoother, more even skin tone. 

Causes of facial veins

Broken blood vessels, which can also be called spider veins, are veins that have become dilated until the tiny one-way valves inside them break, allowing blood to pool and make them visible through your skin. 

Broken veins in the face are typically harmless, but they can be unsightly. Fortunately, these red veins are relatable with intense pulsed light (IPL.) However, to prevent more broken blood vessels, you need to know their root cause. Here are some of the most common causes of red facial veins.

Hereditary causes

Do others in your family have broken blood vessels in the face? If so, your problem could have a genetic component. Vein issues often run in families, and risk goes up as you age. 


Are you pregnant? Skin changes are common in pregnancy, and fluctuating hormones and blood pressure can cause broken veins. Good news: these usually heal on their own after you deliver.


Do you have rosacea? A flushed, red face and spider veins could be a sign of rosacea, which often causes broken blood vessels.  

Sun and heat

Have you been out in the sun or heat? Excessive sun exposure or being in high temperatures can cause tiny blood vessels to dilate and break.

Alcohol abuse

Do you drink a lot? While not all facial veins are caused by alcohol overconsumption, this is a common cause. It’s also the reason why facial veins can be so embarrassing; even if it’s not the cause, people might think it was.

Treating visible facial veins

The good news is that facial veins (and underlying causes like rosacea) can be treated with IPL therapy. Dr. Riehm uses a gentle laser that sends an intense burst of light that only lasts a microsecond on your skin, targeting veins and kickstarting the healing process. 

It feels a little bit like being snapped with a rubber band, but she’ll make sure you're comfortable and give you instructions on aftercare. Afterward, you’ll need to stay out of direct sunlight and use sunscreen. It might take three to five treatments spaced four weeks apart to achieve complete results. 

If you’re interested in receiving IPL photofacials, schedule a consultation with Dr. Riehm to learn more. You can get in contact by calling 817-263-7546 or booking an appointment online.

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