Improve the Appearance of Your Skin with Micro Needling

Many advancements have been made in non-surgical dermatological care. Age-old problems like aging skin, fine lines, scars and wrinkles can now be effectively treated without the need for surgery or overly complicated procedures.

Of those advancements, micro needling is one of the most effective. By triggering your body’s natural ability to repair, it can perform numerous deeds that seem like miracles for your skin.

How Does Micro Needling Work?

To understand how micro needling works, you must first understand that there are several layers to your skin.
The layer you see, the epidermis, provides an outer shield and a texture for your skin.

The next layer, the dermis, provides pigment and color. Acne and shallow scars affect this layer. The hypodermis, which is the lowest layer, provides form and tends to be where wrinkles and other imperfections form.

Micro needling works by using incredibly fine needles that penetrate the layers of the skin.

These needles cause minimal damage, which allows the layers to stay mostly intact. The minor damage is just enough to spark the body’s regenerative processes.

This allows micro needling to induce a natural rejuvenation of your skin that can produce results capable of surpassing other treatment methods alone.

What Can Micro Needling Treat?

The limitations of micro needling tend to side with the length of the needles, the dermatological imperfections being treated, and the skill of the professional applying the treatment.

Conditions like hyperpigmentation and rosacea have been difficult to treat due to the way they present themselves. Micro needling is one of the few treatments that can help reduce the severity of these conditions.

Other problems like fine lines and wrinkles would often require invasive surgical procedures such as skin lifts to correct with any long-term success, but micro needling can help treat these conditions.

Less severe conditions like acne or dull skin will see improvements in one to two treatments while conditions like scars and stretch marks may take several.

The results that micro needling can bring when treating these dermatological skin conditions vary widely. This is why it’s important to use an experienced dermatological care provider when seeking micro needling treatments.

Is Micro Needling Right For You?

To determine if micro needling can help alleviate your dermatological conditions, contact Skin Deep Laser MDtoday to make an appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions associated with micro needling, and provide a diagnosis.

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