Laser Hair Removal for Men

Body hair isn’t just a women’s issue; many men seek hair removal to get rid of their unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal allows you to eliminate unwanted body hair with a convenient, long-lasting solution.  

At Skin Deep Laser MD, serving Fort Worth, Weatherford, Benbrook, Burleson, Mansfield, Granbury, and Arlington, Texas, Dr. Laura Riehm offers safe, effective laser hair removal using the Cynosure Vectus Laser®.  

Benefits of laser hair removal for men 

Depending on genetics and ethnicity, men can have body hair nearly anywhere, from their hands to their chest. If you like to keep yourself well-groomed and clean-shaven, you might find it to be a difficult task. Safely shaving certain areas like your back and buttocks can be nearly impossible, and waxing is painful and messy. 

To make matters worse, neither of these methods last for long. Waxing and shaving can only give you smooth skin for a short time, and the hair will come back just as thick as before. If you have thick or unmanageable body hair, laser hair removal might be the solution. 

With laser hair removal, you can safely remove unwanted hair on your: 

How laser hair removal works 

At Skin Deep Laser MD, we use the Cynosure Vectus® Laser, a high-powered device that safely delivers bursts of light directly into your skin. This causes the unwanted hair to fall out and can disable the hair follicle for a while so new hair can’t grow in.

Laser hair removal can be permanent, but most people experience a long period of dormancy before the hair begins to grow back. 

What to expect from your treatment 

Depending on what area is being treated, your session time may vary. A man’s back is typically treated within ten minutes. Laser hair removal is largely painless, and most report that it feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Side effects are minimal; you might experience some skin irritation or redness, but it should go away within a day or two. 

Laser hair removal requires no downtime so that you can return to your daily activities with no issue. If you plan on spending time outside, make sure to wear sunscreen. Laser hair removal is intended for those with healthy skin, so don’t go in for a session if you have open sores or a sunburn. 

Interested in eliminating body hair? Learn more about laser hair removal by calling Skin Deep Laser MD at 817-263-7546 or book an appointment online

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