Micro Needling for Gentle, Nonsurgical Facial Resurfacing

Micro needling is a form of collagen induction therapy, performed as a means to stimulate collagen production and healthier, even-toned skin. Our clients often come to us with concerns about their facial appearance, specifically the thinning of their skin and the prominence of fine wrinkles and skin folds. These are due to skin that is no longer elastic and supple.

As we age, our skin suffers from malnourishment as well as brittleness caused by a lack of collagen and elastin. Micro needling therapy causes tiny wounds spaced evenly across the skin. The body responds by building new tissue that contains a fresh amount of collagen.

Who is a Candidate for Micro Needling

If you are in your mature years and are now suffering from skin discoloration, brittle skin texture, and fine line wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and on the forehead, you may be an ideal candidate for micro needling.

Although there are many types of facial skin resurfacing techniques, most of them treat only the upper layer of skin, meaning that the supporting tissues do not actually produce healthier skin growth throughout all layers. Those who have thinning skin that has been damaged by environmental factors such as sun exposure are good candidates for micro needling.

How the Procedure is Performed

When we consult with our client, we may explain the different types of needling instruments and suggest one method that is expected to bring about the most positive results. During the procedure itself, we apply a numbing cream on the skin. The pen or roller is then placed on the skin surface.

After Treatment

We may recommend using a specialized moisturizer for several days after the treatment is completed. The skin will remain red for a short while. Otherwise, no post-treatment regimen may be needed on the part of the client.

Advantages of Micro Needling

The procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t involve actual surgery. Each layer begins to grow new tissue. This means that deeper scarring or hyperpigmentation can be treated with micro needling. Other types of resurfacing treatments often treat only the surface discoloration. Micro needing stimulates the growth of thicker, more elastic skin, and this helps reduce the appearance of wrinkling.

Contact Us for More Information

We will schedule a consultation and show you how micro needling can help take years off your appearance. This is a government-approved procedure that is gaining in popularity. Start the process of anti-aging with a safe, simple micro needling treatment. Contact Skin Deep Laser MD today for your appointment.

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