Noninvasive Body Contouring: How Does It Work?

Noninvasive Body Contouring: How Does It Work? 65f3488b9d6cb.jpeg

Spending many hours working out and skipping dessert without seeing any positive changes in your body can be frustrating. Lifestyle changes can make it difficult to sculpt the body effectively. Fortunately, you can remove unwanted fat in various parts noninvasively through a SculpSure treatment. Read on to learn more.

Noninvasive Body Contouring Through SculpSure®

SculpSure®, or warm sculpting, is a contouring method approved by the FDA. It reduces fat deposits that do not respond to lifestyle changes. The technique reduces fat through a natural process known as lipolysis.

Your body has fat molecules known as lipids. Lipolysis is when these molecules are separated and become small, flushable pieces that the body can remove quickly from its system.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The treatment entails laser heating the fat cells in the targeted region. The heat penetrates your skin’s surface to the deeper tissues to increase its temperatures. The heating up of the tissues breaks down the fat cells in the targeted region.

The dead fat cells in your system are cleared by the body gradually. As it does, the treated areas become more contoured and sleeker.

What to Expect

The treatment session is quick and can last for less than half an hour. You can feel a tingling and warming in your body as your specialist administers the laser energy. The process is controllable. The practitioner will monitor your skin to ensure you are comfortable and safe during the entire treatment session. You can resume your usual routine after the treatment session is over.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

The treatment length depends on the amount of fat you want to remove. If you have stubborn fat on your chin that you want to get rid of, one treatment may be enough to accomplish your goal. However, several sessions may be necessary for your desired results if you have a large amount of fat in your thighs or stomach.

The specialist will analyze the area you need treatment and your objectives aesthetically before the treatment begins. You can tell them if you have a timeline to achieve your new look. For example, you may want your results before a special occasion like your wedding. Such information will help them create a treatment plan suitable for your needs.


SculpSure treatment works gradually. So, do not wait to see immediate results immediately after the session. Your body needs time to process the dead cells and slowly rid them from the treated areas. People are different, so their bodies can complete the process quicker or slower than others. However, the effect of the treatment is often visible after one month to six weeks.

You can take steps if you would like to see your results faster. You can massage the treated area to assist your body remove the unwanted fat more effectively. Your specialist can give you more details about how to do that effectively.

You can also improve the treatment results by regularly going for walks. By doing so, you strengthen your circulatory and lymphatic systems. As a result, the body processes the fat cells better.

For more about noninvasive body contouring, visit Skin Deep Laser MD at our office in Fort Worth, Texas. Call 817-263-SKIN to book an appointment today.

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