Refresh Summer-Worn Skin With a Chemical Peel

The sun can feel amazing and add a burnished glow to your skin, but it can also have adverse side effects. Besides the risk of sunburn and skin cancer, sun exposure can rapidly age your face by causing fine lines and sun damage. If you’re looking for a way to renew your skin and even out your complexion, a professional “light” chemical peel can give you the results you’re looking for without the recovery time associated with heavier peels.

Skin Deep Laser MD in Fort Worth, Texas provides various skin remedies, including chemical peels. A series of gentle peels can completely rejuvenate your face without the aggressive skin peel side effects. Dr. Laura Riehm and her team will work with you to find a treatment schedule that works for you. 

How chemical peels work 

Chemical peels consist of a mixture of gentle acids that are applied to the face. These acids, usually drawn from acidic fruits, break down dead skin cells and flush away debris. As the peel is removed, the dirt and skin will slough away, revealing the fresh skin underneath. This “new” skin is usually softer, brighter, and less wrinkled than the top layer.

How much skin is removed depends on the intensity of the peel, but many people opt for gentle peels to avoid irritation. The results of a single peel are boosted by repeating the procedure a few times over several months or a year. The best results are seen from a gentle peel once a month.

The benefits of chemical peels

The main benefit of chemical peels is that they can roll back sun damage. Fine lines, freckles, sun spots, and uneven skin tone can affect your complexion and make you look older. Luckily, chemical peels can help remove the evidence of sun damage and give you a clear, smooth complexion in time for the holidays.

Along with reversing the effects of the sun, chemical peels can also help treat and prevent acne, brighten your skin, and soften your face. If you moisturize regularly and apply sunscreen, the positive effects of your chemical peel will last for weeks. You can also follow up your chemical peel with another a few weeks later; a short series of peels can reset your complexion and maintain the post-peel “glow.”

Chemical peels sound harsh, but a gentle peel comes with very few side effects and risks. If you’re interested in learning more about chemical peels, contact our professional team by calling 817-263-7546, or book a consultation online.

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