Say Goodbye to those Last Stubborn Fat Deposits Once and For All

Say Goodbye to those Last Stubborn Fat Deposits Once and For All 65f34aebaa724.jpeg

Weight loss can be bumpy; once you think you’re nearly done, a few bumps remain. Usually, these are located around your belly, abdomen, hips, and thighs. What can you do to clear the final hurdle?

At Skin Deep Laser MD, serving Fort Worth, Weatherford, Benbrook, Burleson, Mansfield, Granbury, and Arlington, Texas, Dr. Laura Riehm offers a way to finally complete your weight loss journey using the SculpSure® system.

Forget surgery: use SculpSure instead

You may think it’s time for liposuction or a tummy tuck, but if you’re that close to your weight loss goal, why put yourself through surgery? SculpSure acts like non-surgical liposuction, using targeted laser energy to disrupt stubborn fat cells hiding just under the surface of your skin.

As Dr. Rhiem gently passes the handheld device over fatty pockets, the gentle emitted heat passes through skin layers until it hits fat cells. Then the heat causes enough damage to the fat that the body shifts its categorization to “body waste”.

From there, your lymphatic system flushes away the waste naturally and effectively. Within a few weeks, you can start seeing results, and the process is complete by the six week mark.

Hit all of your problem spots

We use the SculpSure device for many different fat loss resistant areas, including:

  • Your waistline, belly, and abdominals
  • Your thighs, hips, and upper back
  • Under the chin

The treatment takes about 25 minutes for each area being treated. You only have to uncover the part of your body undergoing SculpSure, so wear something loose-fitting and prepare to relax while you experience a mild warmth as we complete your treatment. Afterward, you can go right back to your day.

Make sure you’re ready before signing up

SculpSure isn’t a stand-alone weight-loss treatment and isn’t recommended for persons with a BMI of over 30. It’s only intended for use once you’ve gotten within 10 pounds or so of your weight loss goal to help address the problem.

Once you’ve scheduled your first appointment, make a note to refrain from aspirin or blood thinners for a few days before your treatment date. SculpSure can get rid of as much as 24% of fat in a single treatment, and you can have a few treatments six weeks or more apart until you are happy with your look.

Need more information to decide if SculpSure could be the right body contouring option for you? Give us a call at 817-263-7546 or book an appointment at Skin Deep Laser MD using our online scheduler today.

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