Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Excessive amounts of facial and body hair can be frustrating for both men and women. There are a lot of popular treatments that are used for hair removal. Some of these include shaving and waxing. But these methods only provide temporary results. These methods also do not factor in the pain that is associated with cutting or ripping hair off your body. For this reason, it is not surprising that more and more people are turning to laser hair removal. This is a convenient process that is long-lasting.

Advances in laser technology have improved the results that people get from laser hair removal. Now, some of the complications that existed years ago have all but disappeared. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive approach that permanently reduces or removes hair in a targeted area.

Laser hair removal is performed by a professional who is specially trained in how to use the technology. The lasers are used to target patches of hair with controlled pulses of light. This light is absorbed by the dark hair follicles. After multiple treatments, the light causes the hair follicles to be permanently affected. One of the benefits of laser hair removal is that it is performed without damaging the patient’s skin. This cannot be said of other techniques, such as shaving or waxing. In fact, shaving and waxing can damage the skin so badly that the resulting blisters, redness and infections are worse than having the hair in the first place.

Once the treatment has been completed, patients have soft, smooth skin and a noticeable reduction of unwanted hair. Human hair growth is cyclical. As a result, the number of treatments a patient is going to need will vary depending on their skin type, their hair type and how coarse their hair is. Most hair removal treatments are performed on the shoulders, upper lip, back and in the bikini area.

Excessive hair growth can be extremely frustrating. It can detract from a person’s appearance and make them feel self-conscious when they are in public. Laser hair removal is an excellent way to address these concerns in a safe, quick and potentially permanent way. To learn more about how laser hair removal can benefit you, set up a consultation at Skin Deep Laser MD in Fort Worth. Our team of highly qualified professionals will help you every step of the way as you say goodbye to your unwanted body hair. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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