The Top 10 Things You Want to Know About Lip Filler

Most of us would love to have fuller lips, and many of us have considered lip filler, but having something injected into our lips is a scary thought.  Read on for the answers to the 10 most commonly asked questions about lip filler.

  1. I would love to have the lips of my youth back again, but I don’t want to look like a “Real Housewife”! Done properly, lip filler will give you a subtle, natural appearance of a slightly fuller lip.  Only you and your doctor will know for sure.  (And your mother…. you can’t hide anything from her!)  Those “Housewives” are going for a different look, and it’s not “natural”!
  2. What is the best way to soften “smoker’s lines”? A bit more volume in your lips!
  3. How long does it take? It only takes about an hour to restore your lost lip volume, or add a bit more va-va-voom if you are lucky enough to already have a luscious pucker!
  4. Does it hurt? It’s not as bad as you think: most people imaging that filler injections in the lip are horribly painful, but they are wrong. Your injector should use a strong (prescription strength) topical numbing cream and mix numbing medication into the filler.  The process is uncomfortable, but not bad.
  5. Will I be able to feel it in my lips? Not all fillers are equal.  Only a few of the FDA approved fillers are appropriate for use in lips.  The wrong fillers will be stiff, lumpy and unnatural looking. The correct ones will be smooth, soft and will “melt” right into your own lip tissue, feeling just like you.
  6. Will I swell? You WILL have swelling, although some fillers cause much less swelling than others.  Lips are very sensitive so the swelling starts right away, before your appointment is even finished!  If it is your 1st time to do lip injections, the swelling might make you nervous but don’t worry, the majority of the swelling will be gone in 48-72 hours. 
  7. Will I bruise? You also have a pretty high chance of bruising (lots of tiny blood vessels in the lips) so plan your procedure accordingly.  Give yourself a full 2-3 weeks before your sister’s wedding or your big photo-op so that, if you do bruise, it has plenty of time to clear.
  8. What can I do if I bruise? If you do bruise, concealer and a dark, red or matte lipstick will do wonders to hide it.  Arnica is an over-the-counter, homeopathic remedy that helps clear bruises faster.  If all else fails, blame it on the dentist!
  9. How long does lip filler last ? FDA approved lip fillers used to last only 4-6 months (the filler companies promise more, but realistically, patients felt they were gone in 4-6 months).  Thanks to VERSA getting FDA approval in the US in 2018, lip filler can now last 9-15 months!
  10. Who should do my lip injections? This really should be #1.  Safety is the most important factor to consider when thinking about any type of injection in your face, be it Botox, Kybella (to melt fat under your neck) filler, etc.  Your face is a roadmap of criss-crossing arteries, veins, nerves, muscles, tendons and more.  All of it is important.  If someone isn’t  well educated in facial anatomy, experienced with injections, familiar with complications and competent to handle them if they do occur, then they have no business injecting substances into your face. Laws about who can legally perform injections are changing rapidly and currently differ from state to state, however, most states are not yet enforcing these laws.   Many people doing fillers are not medically or legally qualified or competent to perform facial injections.   Research your provider’s credentials carefully.
Dr. Riehm Several years ago I dedicated myself to researching aesthetic medicine and anti-aging science to find the safest, most comfortable, most effective and best value options for skin and bring them all to Fort Worth. I started a new aesthetic laser practice (Skin Deep Laser MD) where I could safely offer the medical, more effective aspects of "med-spas" in a safe environment. I hope to start changing the industry to keep patients safe while we all benefit from advancing technology.

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