Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin With Microneedling

Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin With Microneedling 65f35653de796.png

Gravity, sun exposure, and natural collagen loss combine together to age your skin. But you don’t have to tolerate the crepey texture, loss of volume, lines and wrinkles, and dark spots. Many services that we offer at Skin Deep Laser MD address these concerns, with microneedling being one of the most popular procedures. 

Read on to learn how you can achieve youthful radiance with just one session.

The microneedling experience

At Skin Deep Laser MD, we use the cordless Eclipse MicroPen® for microneedling. The small device is equipped with dozens of tiny needles that puncture micro holes into your skin’s surface. 

This may sound painful and contrary to your aesthetic goals, but the pricks are so tiny, they’re not visible to the eye. They draw no blood, either. We give you a topical anesthetic cream before treatment so the sensation is minimal.

But the pricks do trigger your body’s wound-healing reactions. Old cells turn over to give way to fresh, new, healthy ones. Collagen, the compound in your skin that’s responsible for strength and suppleness, increases in production. Elastin, another youth-enhancing compound, also increases. 

Circulation improves and, temporarily, your skin is extra sensitive to the healing compounds provided in all the expensive face creams and serums you put on your face.

Your topical absorption improves tremendously, pores open up and the additional microchannels created with the microneedling process allow your skin to literally soak up the product.

Microneedling and aging skin

Microneedling is an amazing way to address the concerns of aging skin. The additional collagen and elastin are key to a youthful, radiant complexion. You eradicate dullness, and new cells mean fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

The treatment also erases irregular texture and tone created by exposure to the sun. Dark age and sun spots lighten and are replaced with newer, healthier-looking skin. Thin, delicate skin strengthens and appears as robust as young skin. Microneedling causes lax skin to tighten and appear less loose and aged.

The boost of collagen, elastin, and healthy skin cells also means your skin is better equipped to resist further signs of aging. As a bonus, microneedling can heal the appearance of scars and large pores.

Results come with time

Of course, right after a microneedling session, your skin takes on a fresh glow. But the best results appear in the coming weeks and months as new collagen and skin cells form to reverse the signs of aging.

Exactly how many sessions you need to get results depends on the signs of aging you’re addressing, their severity, your age, and your skin condition. You can expect to see subtle improvements that involve a softening of the appearance of lines and marks after your first session and dramatic change after a series of treatments.

Microneedling requires minimal downtime, making it an effective maintenance therapy to delay the signs of aging. If you’re ready to achieve youthful-looking skin with a simple, nearly pain-free treatment, call us at Skin Deep Laser MD or schedule your microneedling session using this website. 

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