WarmSculpting with SculpSure: Body Sculpting Without Surgery

WarmSculpting with SculpSure: Body Sculpting Without Surgery 65f3553bf2a1f.jpeg

Do you have unwanted fat? You should try SculptSure for body sculpting. Here’s why.

Muffin top.

Love handles.

Spare tire.

No matter what you call it, you probably don’t want the dreaded belly fat.

You eat well, and you work out regularly. So why do you still have those love handles?

The truth is that, regardless of how well you eat or how often you work out, some areas of the body are difficult to target. That’s part of the reason why surgical fat reduction is the number of surgical procedure among both men and women.

What if I told you that you could get a body sculpting procedure done on your lunch break and experience up to 24 percent fat reduction without surgery?

What Is Body Sculpting?

SculpSure is a noninvasive body sculpting procedure that permanently destroys fat cells. It is the world’s first FDA approved laser treatment for the belly and is an amazing alternative to liposuction.

This type of procedure uses energy wavelengths to target fat cells, eventually eliminating these cells from the body indefinitely. The results people have gotten show tighter, more sculpted bodies.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for SculpSure?

If you have excess abdominal fat, have you tried both diet and exercise, and have a body mass index of 30 or less, you may be the ideal candidate for body sculpting. During your consultation, Dr. Laura Riehm will go over your medical history as well as your expectations to determine whether or not body sculpting is right for you.

Also, don’t assume that this body sculpting procedure is just for women. Did you know that men are getting cosmetic procedures too? In fact, there has been a 43% increase in cosmetic surgeries among men in the past five years.

Both men and women can benefit from this body sculpting procedure. Both men and women struggle with love handles and back fat.

Many men choose to target their abdominal area. Men also like to target their side flanks as this is the area that tends to be more difficult to address with diet and exercise as men age.

It’s important to understand that body sculpting is best for men and women who already lead healthy lifestyles but have problem areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

What Can You Expect from SculpSure?

The average body sculpting patient experiences a 3.7 rating of discomfort on a scale of 1 to 10. You may feel alternating warming and cooling sensations during the procedure while it “melts” away your fat cells.

Patients may experience tenderness for a week or so following the procedure similar to how you would feel following a big workout.

Most patients see results after their first treatment. Depending on your goals and expectations, additional treatments may be desired.

This “lunchtime” procedure lasts 25 minutes and you can resume normal activity following.

You will not see immediate results but you can expect results as soon as 6 weeks post procedure. Optimal results are seen by week 12.

The fat cells that are destroyed by SculpSure will not regenerate. As the body absorbs the fat cells, collagen and elastin increase, thereby giving the body a more youthful appearance.

Goodbye saggy skin.

What Does a SculpSure Session Involve?

SculpSure uses a hands-free device to perform the procedure.

A type of belt is wrapped around the waist, then applicators are applied to the problem areas that are being targeted. The device uses wavelengths to target the fat cells below the dermis.

At the start of the session, you will feel a cooling sensation. The cooling is designed to keep the skin comfortable during the procedure while the heat attacks the fat. SculpSure alternates between heating and cooling sensations.

SculpSure specifically targets and heats up the fat cells while leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unharmed and comfortable.

More importantly, the laser from SculpSure is ONLY absorbed by the fatty cells. The fats cells are killed and then reabsorbed by the body over time.

The entire procedure lasts 25 minutes. That is 25 minutes for a 24% fat reduction! Compare that to a CoolSculpting treatment that would take 60 minutes or Liposuction.

Why Choose SculpSure Over Surgery?

Let’s be honest, you are busy.

You have responsibilities and most likely don’t have the free time on your calendar to have invasive surgery. Most people don’t have time for the recovery that follows a surgical procedure.

You can get SculpSure done in the office and then get back to your normal activities like work or any physical activity including chasing your kids. You can even get back to the gym the next day.

Some Advantages to Body Sculpting Over Other Surgical Procedures:

  • Lasting results; the fat cells are permanently removed from your body

  • No anesthesia

  • No downtime

  • No scars or bruising

  • No swelling

  • No incisions

  • Noninvasive

  • No risk for infection because there are no incisions made

  • Short procedure time (25 minutes)

Multiple sessions may be required. You can have the areas treated again to see more improvement, however you will need to wait until after week 12 as that is when you can expect optimal results.

Surgical procedures, like liposuction, are great ways to get rid of stubborn fat but they are not without risk. With SculpSure, you can get the same great results you would from liposuction without the surgical invasion.

While SculpSure isn’t inexpensive, it is less than it’s surgical counterpart.

SculpSure can be used to target multiple areas at the same time.

New Beauty Magazine named SculpSure #3 “Beauty Game Changer”.

SculpSure Versus CoolSculpting

SculpSure and CoolSculpting are similar in the fact that they both target fat cells.

CoolSculpting is a procedure that takes 60 minutes. That time is only for one area like a flank (the side of the body where the “love handles” are).

SculpSure is performed in almost half the time and can be performed on both flanks at the same time.

In the time it takes to perform one CoolSculpting session, you can have your belly and both flanks targeted.

CoolSculpting uses low temperatures to freeze the fat cells.

SculpSure alternates between high and low temperatures and uses a laser to target fatty cells. The high temperatures target the fat cells, while the low temperatures protect the skin.

The heating method with SculpSure, as opposed to freezing with CoolSculpting, causes the skin to tighten and firm. This provides a tighter, more youthful looking appearance.

With SculpSure, you are done once the device is removed from the target area and you can go home. Following CoolSculpting, the target area must be manually massaged. This is not a necessary step with SculpSure.

Is SculpSure Only for Belly Fat?

SculpSure is for more than stubborn belly fat. It can be done on other areas of the body. SculpSure has also been approved for treating back fat and love handles, as well as the inner and outer thighs.

Do you have the dreaded double chin?

FDA Approved SculpSure Submental may be your answer to getting a younger, more contoured, looking facial profile. With SculpSure Submental fat reduction, you can expect to see results within 6 weeks, with optimal results seen in 12 weeks.

The same rules apply as with other areas of the body, additional treatment may be needed to reach your desired results.

Fat Loss Versus Weight Loss

SculpSure is designed for fat loss. Weight loss can be a side effect.

You can lose fat without losing pounds. It’s important to know that just because the numbers on the scale haven’t changed, you have still lost fat.

You need to understand that while the fat that is killed is permanent, you can still gain fat in other areas of your body that have not been treated. When you lose weight, fat cells become smaller but they do not decrease in number.

With SculpSure, the destroyed fatty cells do not regenerate.

You may lose pounds. You may not. You will, however, notice a slimmer, more sculpted look.

The Future of Fat Loss

SculpSure body sculpting is the future of fat removal.

As you now know, this body sculpting procedure is FAST, EASY, and SAFE.

Did you ever imagine there would be a time when you could permanently lose fat in 25 minutes while reading a magazine, texting your friend, or checking your emails?

No anesthesia or numbing is required unlike the surgical procedures of the past.

SculpSure is performed in an office. There is no need to be in a surgical environment.

This is the FUTURE of fat loss removal.

What Are You Waiting For?

SculpSure is a great way to “fine-tune” your body and get rid of that stubborn fat for those men and women who are already leading a healthy lifestyle.

Why not get your Mom and Dad bods in tip-top shape for the summer?

Are you ready to say “bye, bye, love handles”?

Are you ready to try the quickest body sculpting treatment out there?

Contact us today to schedule your consultation to see if you are a candidate for SculpSure body sculpting.

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