What Are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels can be a safe, effective way to rejuvenate your skin. Like exfoliants and microneedling, peels stimulate your body to produce newer, healthier cells, replacing skin damaged by excessive sun exposure, acne, or rosacea.

At Skin Deep Laser MD, serving Fort Worth, Weatherford, Benbrook, Burleson, Mansfield, Granbury, and Arlington, Texas, Dr. Laura Riehm offers chemical peels tailored to your specific needs.

How chemical peels work 

Cells are constantly being produced, growing old, and being replaced. Skin cells, in particular, have a short lifespan; it takes about a month for your skin to cycle through this process, and then it starts again.

As you grow older, many different functions in your body begin to slow down. It’s common knowledge that aging leads to wrinkles and sagging, but it can also cause your skin to appear dull and dry. Sun damage and hyperpigmentation add to the problem, giving you an uneven complexion.

Chemical peels solve this problem by getting rid of the dying skin for you. Naturally, you would shed these cells while exfoliating or washing your face. Instead, a weak acid is used to loosen dead skin cells and debris, so they slough right off. This leaves your new, fresh skin intact underneath.

“Down-time” with chemical peels

The media’s negative reputation of chemical peels might lead people to believe that a peel will leave their face looking burned. Patients might think they need to plan for weeks of burned, sloughing skin, and discomfort.

The truth is that often you don’t even need your skin to peel for a peel to be effective. Peels can be comfortable and leave your skin looking immediately fresher, brighter, and healthier, with absolutely no downtime!

Do chemical peels hurt?

They shouldn’t. In the past, chemical peels were very aggressive and painful. They would leave the skin raw, peeling, and sometimes weeping. Patients were given a chemical burn and could spend weeks recovering. Deep peels are painful and dangerous and can leave patients with complications like infection, scars, and hyperpigmentation.

Thankfully, we have learned that the best results come from doing gentle peels regularly. Peels should be a pleasant, comfortable, and relaxing experience. Consider replacing your monthly facial with a gentle chemical peel and watch your skin transform!

Benefits of chemical peels 

Like many cosmetic treatments, a chemical peel is only as effective as the technique and ingredients used. That’s why Dr. Riehm and her team at Skin Deep Laser MD use PCA Skin® peels, derived from fruit acids. 

This makes PCA peels much gentler than other chemical peels. Many people avoid chemical peels because they’ve only seen harsh, aggressive methods that leave you raw and red for days or weeks afterward. A mild chemical peel requires no downtime, and you’ll leave the clinic fresh-faced and glowing.

Chemical peels can also be used to treat many skin problems, including: 

  • Some cases of rosacea

  • Acne and breakouts

  • Scarring

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Age spots 

  • Freckles 

  • Other forms of hyperpigmentation

  • Uneven skin texture or tone

Depending on what issues you are wanting to address, you can refresh your results every 2-4 weeks. If you are plagued by acne or breakouts, you’ll probably want to start with a peel every 2 weeks for 3-4 peels, or until the breakouts are controlled. Then you’ll switch to once monthly for maintenance. For any other issue, or just to keep you skin healthy and glowing, you will want to do a gentle peel once a month.

A series of gentle peels can completely overhaul your complexion, reducing or eliminating small imperfections like shallow scars, age spots, and fine lines.

Are facials and cosmetic treatments not giving you the results you want? Adding a monthly peel to your skincare schedule might be the answer. To learn more about chemical peels, schedule a consultation with Dr. Riehm by calling 817-263-7546 or book an appointment online

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