What is Broad-spectrum sunscreen, and why must I wear it? – ABCs of Skincare Part 3

What is Broad Spectrum sunscreen and why must I wear it?

Skin care professionals agree that, of all the great products available now for your skin, a good daily sunscreen is #1 on the list!

Even if you “never burn”, your skin is still suffering the consequences of sun exposure; increased production of melanin to protect from burning rays will lead to uneven skin tone and patches of hyperpigmentation, breakdown of collagen and elastin accelerating signs of aging and damage to DNA increasing the risk of cancer.

The sun emits three types of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC.   UVC radiation doesn’t penetrate the earth’s atmosphere so we don’t need to worry about it, but UVA and UVB cause a great deal of damage to the skin.  UVA infiltrates the deep layers, accelerating aging, while UVB rays are absorbed into the more superficial layers of the skin causing sunburns.

When selecting sun protection, an important factor is the product’s ability to protect against both UVA and UVB wavelengths.  Products that do this will be rated “broad-spectrum”.  The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) number only refers to UVB protection.  The FDA does not currently require sunscreen packaging to indicate levels of UVA protection (although new regulations are in deliberation)

Choose a broad-spectrum sunblock of at least 30 spf -which blocks 97% of UVB rays, and be wary of “waterproof” products.  Any sunscreen that prints “waterproof” or “sweat-proof” on the label is being misleading and irresponsible.  Such products do not exist.  They may be “resistant” provided you re-apply per the label instructions, so read the label carefully and be diligent about re-application -usually every 40-80 minutes.

With sunscreens getting more and more cosmetically elegant over the past few years, there is a formula available on the market today that everyone can be comfortable wearing.  If you have sensitive skin or don’t like wearing a heavy foundation  but do like a little color or coverage,  Skin Deep Laser MD has been working long and hard with a cosmeceutical lab and is very excited to announce the introduction of our new  Skin Deep Solutions Perfecting Protection BB Cream!  It is a luxurious-feeling spf of 50+ with micronized zinc oxide for ultimate broad spectrum protection, plus resveratrol, vitamins C & E, ceramides and concentrated green tea polyphenols to quench free radicals and fight aging.  Lightly tinted with a universal shade appropriate for all skin tones, it gives a sheer touch of color and helps conceal imperfections and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores.  It also provides both light hydration and all-day oil control.   A sunscreen that replaces your foundation AND is an anti-aging product, all in the same step?!!?  No wonder we’re excited!!

If you are not interested in a BB cream, we carry a full line of sunscreens that we think beats anything else available!  (As a sensitive-skinned red-head, everything irritates my skin yet I burn within 5-10 minutes of sun exposure.  I hate the icky feel of lotions and potions on my face, but I cannot skip my sunscreen.  After a lifetime of trying everything available on the market,  I consider myself an expert on sunscreens)    We have multiple options available and are confident that we have the one that will quickly become your new favorite.

For information on the “A” and “C” of the “ABCs of Skin Care”, follow these links.

Dr. Riehm Several years ago I dedicated myself to researching aesthetic medicine and anti-aging science to find the safest, most comfortable, most effective and best value options for skin and bring them all to Fort Worth. I started a new aesthetic laser practice (Skin Deep Laser MD) where I could safely offer the medical, more effective aspects of "med-spas" in a safe environment. I hope to start changing the industry to keep patients safe while we all benefit from advancing technology.

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