What to expect after a Chemical Peel

Terrified of chemical peels?  Most of us have images of Samantha from Sex in the City (or know a friend who had the Blue Peel and looked like a Smurf) burned into our brains.  Seriously, why would you ever voluntarily put chemicals on your face and purposefully peel your skin?

Most people are afraid of peels, but let me set your mind at ease.  Not only should you NOT be afraid of peels, you don’t even have to peel from a peel!  Confused?

So…the purpose of a chemical peel is not necessarily to peel.  While some of our patients love to peel, many don’t want to peel at all.  Regardless of how aggressive you want to be, you will see significant results in your skin if you commit to transforming and maintaining your skin with regular peels.


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