What to expect after a Chemical Peel

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Terrified of chemical peels?  Most of us have images of Samantha from Sex in the City (or know a friend who had the Blue Peel and looked like a Smurf) burned into our brains.  Seriously, why would you ever voluntarily put chemicals on your face and purposefully peel your skin?

Most people are afraid of peels, but let me set your mind at ease.  Not only should you NOT be afraid of peels, you don’t even have to peel from a peel!  Confused?

  • The title “peel” is a poor choice of title for the treatment as the most important part of a peel is not even the “peeling” (which you may or may not experience) but what happens during the course of the peel.

    • When the peel solution is applied to the skin, gentle natural chemical exfoliants (usually mild acids derived from fruit and plant sources) within the solution start to “eat” away at the dead skin cells, in a sort of “Pac-man” way.  This breaks apart the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing those cells to slough away. This causes the peeling that you will see if you have dead skin cell layers. (and is one of the reasons that you may not peel-if you are doing peels on a regular basis, or are using a vitamin A in your skin care regimen… you may not have dead cells on the surface of your skin)

    • The best benefits from peels do not come from the actual peeling; more important than  sloughing dead skin layers is the opening of the channels between cells, creating a pathway for the ingredients administered during the treatment to dive deep down into the skin- down to the dermal layer where new skin cells are forming.  That enables us to deliver ingredients deep into your skin to nourish cells and address whatever particular issues you may be having.

    • Not all peels will cause peeling, and you don’t have to peel in order for a peel to be effective.  Depending on which ingredients are chosen for your treatment, you may experience anything from no peeling at all to light flaking (similar to what you would experience after a mild sunburn), all the way to peeling in sheets (in dramatic TV-worthy style!)  

  • We always start out gently, testing how your skin will react and giving you the opportunity to try the process with just the mildest of flaking.  

  • Many people do a monthly facial.  Facials feel good, smell good and can be wonderfully relaxing, but they won’t create any changes in your skin.  You can buy nice-smelling potions over-the-counter and do just as well at home for a fraction of the cost. If you want to see significant changes in your skin you should try replacing your facial with a series of peels for 4-6 months and you will be amazed!

  • Peels are a great monthly exfoliation treatment that help increase cell turnover, stimulate collagen and elastin production, lighten brown spots, soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, help control  acne and breakouts, even skin tone and aid in product penetration for plumper, more hydrated skin with smoother texture, brighter, more even tone and tighter pores.

  • At Skin Deep Laser MD we take a “Progressive” versus “Aggressive” approach; we ease your skin into our peels and corrective treatments.  Although not all peels are safe for all skin types, we have a variety of peels and peel alternatives. Our expert team will customize every treatment to address your skin type and concerns.   As we get to know you and your skin better, we will further tailor your treatments to achieve your skin care goals. Your peels will change as your skin changes.

  • Your treatment can be paired with microdermabrasion or dermaplaning treatments for increased surface exfoliation.

  • We have a great VIP peel membership that brings the price of our effective, customized professional peels below the cost of most facials in Ft. Worth and Dallas.  With a regimen of monthly peels you will have glowing, healthy skin in no time!

So…the purpose of a chemical peel is not necessarily to peel.  While some of our patients love to peel, many don’t want to peel at all.  Regardless of how aggressive you want to be, you will see significant results in your skin if you commit to transforming and maintaining your skin with regular peels.

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