Yes, You Can Remove Hair There

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Of all places to have body hair, the bikini line is the least visible but often the area that causes the most stress. With razors, you risk nicks and ingrown hairs, and the results don’t last long. With waxing, you have to endure regular discomfort and pain, and professional results cost extra. Skin Deep Laser MD in Fort Worth, Texas, specializes in laser treatments, including hair removal. The good news? Laser hair removal works everywhere, including down there.

How laser hair removal works

There’s a good deal of suspicion surrounding laser hair removal, especially when removing pubic hair. Before forming your opinion, it’s crucial that you have all of the current information and aren’t taking misconceptions for fact.

At Skin Deep Laser MD, Dr. Riehm uses the Cynosure Vectus® Laser for hair removal. This system is designed specifically to remove hair, unlike other multi-purpose lasers that target multiple skin conditions.

This means that the Vectus laser can provide more effective results with less energy, which means fewer side effects. During treatment, the laser delivers highly-concentrated bursts of light to the hair follicles, which react by shedding and entering a long period of dormancy.

The low-energy Vectus laser is also equipped with a sapphire tip to help cool the skin during treatment, reducing discomfort. If you can tolerate waxing, laser hair removal will feel easy. Regardless, sessions are short, and severe side effects are rare. Just avoid heat, friction, and sunlight in the days following each session.

Benefits to consider

Laser hair removal has evolved since it first entered the market, but many people are still wary of the procedure. It might seem safer and easier to continue waxing or shaving, but a few laser treatments seem mild compared to years of razors and hot wax.

While safety is the biggest consideration, there are other factors. Time, money, effort, and aesthetics also play into the decision.

The price tag for laser hair removal can be intimidating at first, and the process requires multiple appointments. It can take six or more sessions to achieve your desired results, depending on the density and color of your hair. However, this is a temporary commitment and a long-term investment.

While it can take time for your hair to fully shed, your skin will be naturally smooth and hairless, with no sign of razor burn or folliculitis. You no longer have to worry about how long it’s been since you shaved or waxed, and you can finally relax and enjoy your results. If you want to commit to a bare bikini line without the pain and hassle, it might be time to seriously consider laser hair removal.

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Riehm by calling Skin Deep Laser MD at 817-263-7546 or booking an appointment online.

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