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Skin Deep Laser MD Reviews

We take pride in making sure our patients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. Below are a few of our testimonials from our patients.

Best facility to have when making the big decision of getting any surgery done! The complete staff and Dr. R Guttikonda have been so great in making my first major surgery amazing and comfortable! Since coming across their website, simply just calling and getting over the phone information, booking my virtual and in-person consultation, pre-surgery, day of surgery, and post-surgery everything has been so accurate and wonderful with them. Thank you again, Dr., Stephanie, and all the staff for always being so friendly and concerning. To anyone who is interested in getting surgery done with them, you will be in amazing safe hands! Pacific Lipo has changed my Life and appearance! Thank you All!

Mariela G.

I had surgery at Pacific Lipo on 2/21/21. I had an MTT and Lipo. My doctor is Dr. Guttikonda and my point of contact was Stephanie. My experience leading up to the surgery was very informative. All my questions were always answered by Stephanie and when I needed to speak to the Doctor they made it happen as well. On the day of my procedure, I was really well taken care of. It almost felt like they had known me for a very long time. They were very nurturing. After my procedure, all my follow-ups were met with the same attitude, compassion, and loving manner. I did have a minor concern and they did not hesitate to address it. I am very happy and needless to say if I want to go under again. This will be my go-to! Stephanie goes over and beyond whatever her duties are. We even took her gifts. Also, just an FYI this place was recommended to me and 2 other people I know share the same experience.​​​​​​​

Yiselle W.

Staff here in Pacific Lipo in Beverly Hills are friendly and answer every questions I had in friendly and courteous manner. Dr. Takowsky was amazing and very professional. I read reviews about bedside manners and how they were inhospitable but I got the opposite. Everyone was caring, gentle, and patient with me. You are going to be swollen so you got to give your body time to heal and once you healed, you will love your results. I absolutely love my results and I’m still healing. They emailed me pre and post surgery instructions, and they told me many times in person too. Dr. Takowsky even went above and beyond and gave me a well being phone call. Everyone is awesome and thank you all for being caring and professional.”​​​​​​​

Gals F.

So this review will be for a different reason. I went in for my consult today. My potential surgeon was transparent and honest with me. Instead of being predatory, he basically suggested a little more exercise because I didn't have any fat to take. I actually left with more confidence because of his compliments about my curves and my skin!!! If I ever get to be a candidate for surgery I want Dr. C to be my surgeon!!! Kaylin (I might have her name wrong. I apologize!!) Was a sweetheart and patient with me being 5 minutes late and filling out paperwork. Yall are the beesknees!!”​​​​​​​

Ashli S.

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