How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

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Many patients want laser hair removal so they don’t have to worry about shaving. But how much does it cost? Here’s your guide to laser hair removal prices. Fear the pain of hair wax removal? Unsatisfied with regular shaving?

You should turn to laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is one of the top five most popular cosmetic procedures today with 1,086,830 sessions overall in 2017.

Why and how?

Because it offers a permanent solution to the bane of women’s existence: unwanted hair.

After completing your sessions, the hair in the area will no longer grow. The laser zaps away the root of the hair to keep it from re-growing. This means no more shaving or waxing for the rest of your life!

But how much does each session cost?

Well, the laser hair removal prices will vary widely among different clinics. If you’d like to know how much you’ll need to prepare, read on to find out what it will cost you to get this procedure.

Average Laser Hair Removal Prices

Laser hair removal costs $306 per session on average, according to 2016 data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, don’t expect to see the same price, or close to it, when you go to your nearest clinic.

The price still depends on the clinic and the area you want to rid of hair. In general, LHR treatment on small areas is cheaper than on bigger areas, like legs. For example, you can get a $60 procedure for the upper lip or chin, but it can cost up to $300. Laser treatment on the underarms costs $150 on average. This is also the average cost of other small areas like the bikini line, chest, and abdomen.

That’s a low price considering other physicians will charge $250 to $450 in these areas. Legs and arms demand a higher price, and clinics divide these by half. Half-arms or half legs treatments have a low average price of $250 and a high average price of $650.

You can also get a laser hair removal procedure for your face or buttocks, with average prices of $250 to $650. The whole back, being the largest area, is the most expensive at $300 to $800 on average. Keep in mind that these laser hair removal prices are per session. You need 6 to 10 sessions for the treatment to work, so the costs will pile up over time.

Factors that Determine the Laser Hair Removal Prices

The area isn’t the only factor that dictates laser hair removal prices. You also have the type of laser, the clinic, and the physician who’ll do the procedure.

The Clinic and Its Equipment

LHR is a popular procedure. You may see it at your friendly neighborhood clinic at generous prices. Then when you go to a high-end clinic, the much higher laser hair removal prices will probably shock you.

The location and the quality of the facility are factors, of course. But so are the equipment and physician’s expertise. There are different types of laser hair removal and the machine for one type may cost higher than the other.

The high-end clinic can afford the latest high-end equipment, which may offer a painless and fast procedure. However, don’t disregard the cheaper option as it may work well for you, too.

Moreover, each type of machine employs a different procedure. The dermatologist must be knowledgeable on how to operate it to avoid accidents like burns.

Your Skin and Hair Tone

The skin and hair tone matter when choosing the best laser hair removal type for you. There is a system, for example, that works better on people with lighter skin and darker hair. Sometimes, this will not work on darker or tanned skin.

However, there are also laser types that are great for all skin colors. The trade-off is that it can be more painful or it might require more sessions. In other words, your skin tone will dictate what type of system is best for you. As such, the price will also change depending on the machine that the clinic will use on you.

Here at our clinic, we have the latest laser technology with an FDA-approved Melanin Reader to make sure that you get the treatment that’s right for you. The Vectus(R) laser also features a cooling system that keeps you comfortable. A uniform beam profile keeps each session short to get you on your way.

Hair Removal Financing Options

Unfortunately, you can’t have your insurance company pay for your treatments. Nevertheless, we are always trying to offer our customers multiple options. These can make laser hair removal prices easier on the wallet.

As we’ve mentioned above, you’ll only see the full effects of LHR when you finish the sessions. This allows many clinics to offer a package that offers a lower price per session. Only, you have to buy multiple sessions at once.

Furthermore, there are also financing options that allow you to pay in installments. Clinics may have in-house financing options, or you can use your credit card. At Skin Deep Laser MD, we accept the healthcare financing credit card CareCedit.

Why Get a Laser Hair Removal?

The upfront laser hair removal prices may seem daunting, so why get it in the first place when you can just shave or wax?

It’s Cheaper in the Long Run

A razor is cheap and you can use it for weeks. A wax session costs more, but it’s still cheaper than the average laser hair removal prices. However, these are only temporary and you’ll have to shave and wax every so often.

A laser hair treatment, on the other hand, results in a permanently hairless you. Did you know that in a lifetime, you’ll spend less on LHR treatments than on waxing sessions because of this?

Waxing your bikini line would cost you $35 for each session on average. If you start doing it every three months at 21 years old and stop at 55, you would have spent $4,900 in a lifetime.

If you get an LHR procedure in the same area at $150 for each session, you’ll only spend $1,500 if you get 10 sessions. You’ll spend less if you don’t need that many treatments. That means that you will save at least $3,400. Even if you opt for the more expensive laser session, you’ll still save more.

It Saves You Time

Laser hair treatments are precise and fast. You won’t have to spend too much time in your clinic for every session. You’ll also have less and thinner hair every time you walk out.

By the time you’re done with your sessions, you won’t have to shave every morning or before every date. You’ll always be ready to wear a bikini anytime, anywhere.

You Won’t Have to Deal with Ingrown Hairs

Shaving, waxing, plucking, and other temporary hair removal procedures can leave your skin red and irritated. You’ll also be familiar with the nasty ingrown hairs that result from these methods.

Because laser hair removal targets the follicles, making hair disappear, you can also expect the ingrown hairs to disappear as well. The treatment will also get rid of the inflammation, bumps, and discoloration.

You’ll Be Hairless All Year Round

After completing your sessions, you’ll be able to wear short shorts for the whole year if you so choose. This means that you won’t have to wear pants just to hide the growing hair before it grows long enough for waxing. This also means that you won’t have to resort to shaving just because you don’t want to wait for it to grow out.

There are Minimal Side Effects

You can expect slight redness and discomfort in the treated area up to a few days after the procedure. The side effect is similar to sunburn. As such, moisturizers and cold compresses will help aid the healing process.

However, that’s about all that you’ll experience, unlike in other hair removal options. You won’t have to worry about cuts, ingrown hairs, bleeding, and even infections. As long as you’re in the hands of a trained Skin Deep Laser MD physician, you’ll be safe.

How to Prepare and What to Expect

Depending on the clinic, you might have to shave prior to the treatment. Contact us first so we can advise you on what to do before the procedure.

We do advise against plucking and waxing up to six weeks before laser hair removal. These methods will remove the hair follicles that the laser will target. Avoid other methods that do the same.

Furthermore, note that you might feel some stings and discomfort during the procedure. Rest assured that our system minimizes the pain. We do our best to keep you comfortable throughout the process as well.

After each session, wear sunscreen at all times and avoid the sun to prevent any discoloration. This will also prevent uneven toning and sunburns.

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Visit us and let’s discuss the best solution for zapping away your unwanted hair. With high laser hair removal prices, we make each session worth every visit and every cent out of your pocket.

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