How to Reduce Double Chin Fat

Double chin fat isn’t attractive. Fortunately, there are a few chin exercises you can do. Here are some exercises to reduce double chin fat.

The dreaded double chin. That second (and for some, even third!) layer of fatty tissue that sags and shows up behind the normal chin. The biggest killer of selfies.

It’s very common in the United States, since its primary cause is being overweight. This means that majority of the adult population with overweight (that’s 70.7% of all adults in the U.S.) suffers from it. And as hard as you may try hiding it from your selfies, it’s still there, vying for unwanted attention.

You most likely have unpleasant memories of people laughing behind your back because of that bulge. Because of this, you’ve tried almost everything to try and get rid of it. All to no avail.

So… your big question now is if there’s an effective way to minimize it.

And the good news is, there are a couple of ways. We’ve come up with this post containing the info you need about double chins, complete with a list of chin exercises. Read on so you can start working that extra chin out as soon as you can.

A Friendly Reminder: Set Realistic Expectations

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of this post, let us just remind you of one thing. The goal here is to reduce and not to eliminate. There’s a big difference here, and setting realistic expectations is important when it comes to your double chin.

Also, your diet plays a critical role. After all, a second chin is essentially a pocket of skin filled with fat. And what you eat can bring in all that bad stuff that can fill a sagging portion of your skin.

This said, it’s important to incorporate these chin exercises into your usual exercise regimen and keep eating healthy, balanced meals. Do so, and not only can you minimize the appearance of that second chin; you can also bring down your overall body fat.

A Few Other Must-Know Things about Fat in the Face

Some cases of double chins have to do with genetics. Whichever the case is, proper diet and physical activity (regular chin exercises included) can help address those unsightly facial fat deposits. For faster results, you may also want to consider safe fat-cell reducing treatments.

Just a few more things before we proceed to the exercise details:

Now that we’re done reiterating the importance of a healthier lifestyle, here’s the promised list of double chin exercises you should begin doing today.

Chin Lifts

This is among the simplest chin exercises, so they’re a good place to start. They work out the jaw, neck, and throat muscles, which can have a double-chin reducing effect.

Here’s how you do chin lifts:

To get the most out of this exercise, repeat the same steps 15 times.

Chin Rotations

Like the chin lifts, chin rotations also stretch the jaw, neck, and throat muscles. But these chin exercises also touch on the shoulder, as well as upper back and chest muscles.

Perform these simple steps for chin rotations:

Repeat these steps 10 times, following the same direction. Do the same in the opposite direction.

Neck Rolls

Aside from toning and stretching the same muscle groups as the chin rotations, neck rolls also aid in lessening shoulder tension. They can also help relieve pain affecting your neck and shoulders.

Here’s how to perform these double chin exercises:

Ideally, you should keep doing these steps 10 times.

The Neck Bend & Stretch

These are more than your average chin exercises. They also help stretch and tone the neck, shoulder, and even arm muscles.

Do the following steps for your Neck Bend & Stretch exercise:

Do the same steps for the opposite side. Complete at least three for each side.

The Tongue-to-Roof Press

You can perform this set of chin exercises either in standing or sitting position.

Here’s how:

From the starting position, repeat the steps for 15 to 20 times.

The Pout & Tilt

These chin exercises are similar to the chin lifts, but instead of a full kiss, you do these with pouted lips.

Perform these steps after you find yourself a comfortable standing or sitting position:

For the best possible results, do the Pout & Tilt at least 15 to 20 times.

The Jaw Stretch

This exercise works out the facial muscles, those in your chin included.

To do this, follow these steps:

Repeat all the steps for both the closed and opened mouth positions for 5 to 10 times.

Boost Your Chin Exercises’ Results with the Right Treatment

Performing these chin exercises as regularly as you can with your usual workout can help lessen your double chin’s appearance. And don’t forget the importance of healthier, more nutritious meals too. Taking selfies once a week is also a good idea, so you can track any progress.

Just remember though, that these exercises may take quite some time before they show results. So, if you want faster results, you should give your other double chin treatment options a try.

And as soon as you want to start exploring your options in addition to exercising, feel free to give us a call – we can help with your double chin problems.

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