Pucker Up: Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Lip Augmentation Treatment

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You’ve been thinking about finally getting the sexy, pouty lips of your dreams just in time for Valentine’s Day. Not only is it the gift you most want for yourself, you know your partner will appreciate it, too.

But you’ve seen some examples of bad lip augmentation that give you second thoughts. You want more voluminous, kissable lips that both look and feel natural. And you don’t want to run back for another treatment in just a couple of months.

European filler crosses the border

A “new” dermal filler that’s been rejuvenating faces and reshaping lips in Europe and Canada for 15 years is now available in the U.S. FDA-approved Revanesse® Versa™ is the dermal filler that Dr. Laura Riehm, founder of Skin Deep Laser MD in Fort Worth, Texas, prefers for the most natural-looking, longest-lasting lip augmentations.

Nonsurgical lip augmentations are best performed with dermal fillers that are composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that our bodies naturally produce to keep skin and joints healthy, strong, and lubricated. Versa is made of a premium quality HA with a high molecular weight that conveys greater longevity than other lip fillers.

A unique formula, uniquely made

You know how much better Valentine’s chocolates are when they’re made by independent chocolatiers in small batches. The same is true for aesthetic products.

Unlike most other dermal fillers, Versa is produced in small batches in a dedicated, state-of-the-art Canadian facility that adheres to the strictest quality and safety controls. The manufacturers use a proprietary process called “wet milling” that creates uniform, spherical particles of high-quality HA. The result is a filler that creates the perfect balance between volume and smoothness.

Instant improvement

When you come to Skin Deep Laser MD for a Valentine’s Day Versa lip augmentation, you’ll see your results right away. By applying her expert injection technique and a highly developed sense of aesthetics and beauty, Dr. Riehm creates the improvements you want with minimal discomfort.

After your treatment, your lips are instantly plumped. Your new lips light up your entire face, making you look younger and more dazzling. Dr. Riehm uses Versa to create improvements such as:

Less swelling

Though you want to have sexier and plumper lips, you definitely don’t want the bee-stung look that occurs after some dermal filler lip augmentations. Other popular HA fillers may cause swelling up to 24% more often than Versa does. You’ll be kissable and comfortable even sooner with Versa.

Longer lasting  

The combination of high-quality, high-molecular weight HA and the spherical shape of the particles means that Versa is re-absorbed more slowly. While results vary by individual, you can expect Versa to last longer than equivalent HA fillers in the lips. This year, the benefits of Valentine’s Day can continue for months with a beautiful, natural, and kissable lip augmentation at Skin Deep Laser MD.

But Valentine’s Day is almost here: Book your lip augmentation today by calling us or using the online form.

Dr. Riehm Several years ago I dedicated myself to researching aesthetic medicine and anti-aging science to find the safest, most comfortable, most effective and best value options for skin and bring them all to Fort Worth. I started a new aesthetic laser practice (Skin Deep Laser MD) where I could safely offer the medical, more effective aspects of "med-spas" in a safe environment. I hope to start changing the industry to keep patients safe while we all benefit from advancing technology.

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